Paco Kalasin

Paco Kalasin died Friday, December 22, 2017 at his home in Franklin Park. He was 55.

Paco was born in Tangier, Morocco and lived many years in Neuss Germany with his loving wife Suzanne. Paco was an entrepreneur who had an automobile business in Germany. He was a talented engineer with a vision to make things better. In 2011, he settled in the US to be with his family. Paco was an avid tango dancer, world-traveler, linguist, and lover of life. Whenever he smiled, his whole face lit up and people were drawn to his wonderful loving energy. He gave everything of himself and would gladly help anyone in need. He is survived by his wife, Suzanne, his New Jersey family, and many close friends around the world. He is loved by all who had the pleasure to know him. He shall be greatly missed…and remains in our hearts forever and until we meet again. Services were private under the direction of Selover Funeral Home, North Brunswick.

"I Am You" - Lyrics for I Am You (Voice) by Yo-Yo Ma & Sally Potter

Where did you come from? Where, oh, where? From earth, from water, From fire, or air?

When we're dancing, Then I'm sure, I know I know you, From before.

Traveling man, Man in my heart, Man on stage, Man of his art.

Swiftly speaking, With his feet, I see you. I hear you. There we meet.

Where eyes and ears, Receive the word, Where what is spoken, Can be heard.

You are me, And I am you, One is one, And one are two.

One is one, And one are two, You are me, I am you.

With all my love now and forever, xoxo Suzanne.