Tony Kiam-Wei Chong


Faithful until his last breath, ever since answering the call of the Lord, Tony has lived completely by faith with his wife Tina providing ministry via Sozo Ministries in NJ.

Teaching, ministering, aiming to transform lives, restore marriages, broken relationships and connect people to their destiny in the Lord, Tony served and provided faithfully, with a dash of unceasing humor, to many.

Always a man of plenty, Tony made sure everyone in his household, family and guests alike have more than enough, 4 fridges were not enough for this man of abundance.

Tony lived with his 3 children and wife, and many many guests in Hillsborough since 1997 until he went back to the Lord.

Originally from Malaysia, is a fourth generation Christian. Involved in healing and deliverance for 23 years, he has spent thousands of hours in personal ministry to hundreds of individuals in the areas of healing, deliverance and prayer for baptism/filling of the Holy Spirit. Once a marketing director of Abbott Laboratories, later called by the Lord at year 1997 and started full time ministries, formed Sozo Ministries with his wife Tina Chong after obtaining minister license with AEGA. Part of HIC (Harvest International Center) and Agape Renewal ministries of North East USA, and many other pastoral groups. Spending his time teaching and ministering with the Holy Spirit on deep healing and deliverance.